Julia Eising Visual Design

If you have too much of something, you long for the opposite. That’s our nature. This is especially true for everyday life: We are caught in our daily routine, the imagination and magic are gone. So, we long for the other extreme, for a world that promises magic. The electronic dance music scene uses these longings for their festival concepts.

This work includes such a festival concept: Hidden Imagination appeals to the dreamer in us and offers a way to escape from everyday life. Unlike other festivals, Hidden Imagination unites visitors from all over the world, with its motto „There is no nation but imagination“. This is not achieved by fictive boundaries, but by the shared boundless devotion to imagination.

With the help of the magazine, the goal of creating a holistic experience is taken up: Its an introduction to the storytelling and enables the visitor to regain his or her imagination even before the festival starts. By this, he or she becomes an explorer and thus a part of the community „imagination“. After the festival has taken place, the magazine functions as a reminder to maintain the dreams we come up with.